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Tele2 IoT Challenge

Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network enables more creative and lasting IoT-solutions. The technology has reached a point where we can do practically anything. In a world of possibilities we are only held back by our imagination. Tele2 IoT Challenge gives you the opportunity to experiment with this new technology and compete with your ideas.

No matter if you are a large business, a start-up or a student you are welcome to compete pushing the envelope in IoT. If you have an idea of how a device that uses connected technology can improve peoples lives  – Accept the challenge!

Important dates

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After you register

What will happen?

  1. Once you have joined the challenge you will get a confirmation email that your idea has been accepted (can take a couple days, max 7).
  2. Once your challenge has been accepted you will also receive an email with log-in information to get access the LoRa network in Gothenburg and your PubNub Data Stream Network account.
  3. On Feb 8 we welcome you to the Kick-off in Gothenburg! Come and get your developers kit, listen to the experts and join workshops. A golden opportunity to ask all questions and find solutions to problems.
  4. Then you have six weeks to innovate, document and submit your solution!
  5. Are one of the lucky winners? On March 29 we present the winners. Welcome to come and mingle and celebrate IoT at the Grand Final.
Your LPWA idea

How to submit

To be able to evaluate your solution we ask you to submit a video. The video should give the jury a fast understanding of how your idea could work. Put your smart phone to work!

To have a good chance at the price, we encourage you to include answers to all the questions below  View template for submission .

Problem solved?
What problem is your solution solving?

Customer value?
Who are your customers, end-users? How will your solution challenge the status quo? How will it improve people’s lives and companies’ reason for being? What is the customer value? What is the end-user delight?

How to make money?
What type of business model do  think will work? What is the growth potential? We are not after crunching numbers, we just to get an understanding of the real potential of your solution.

How new and different is your solution? Does anything like it already exist? If so, that’s fine, but what makes your idea unique?

How realistic is your idea? Is it feasible to produce and implement with the technology we have today?

Where to upload your video and idea description will be known after the kick-off. 


The Jury

  • Ingrid Wistrand, Managing Director, Tele2 IoT
  • Rami Avidan, Managing Director, Tele2 IoT
  • Stephen Bryant, CTO, Tele2 IoT
  • Robert Spertina, Managing Director, Talkpool
  • Stephen Blum, CTO, PubNub Data Stream Network
  • Jon Pearce, LoRa Product Line Manager, Microchip
  • Aurélien Seugnet,  Sales Engineer, Kerlink
  • Richard Savage, Business Development, IBM
  • Dr. Stephan Spitz, Senior Director, Giesecke & Devrient
For the winners

The Prizes

It´s a cliche, but everyone competing really is a winner.
By entering the Tele2 IoT Challenge you get a head start in using our LPWA Network. Hopefully you can find new business opportunities, ways to cut cost and maybe even that big game changing idea.
That being said, of course there are prizes from all of our partners.

High way to success

1st Prize

You win products and services that will help you transform your idea to a real working solution, at a value of 150.000 SEK.

  • 1 day consultant from Tele2 IoT on business development & tech
  • 1 year free usage 1000 devices in our LPWA Network
  • 5 SIMs from Tele2 IoT with 20 MB usage for 1 year
  • LoRa indoor Station from Kerlink enabling a standalone LoRa/LPWA network, at a value of 14.000 SEK (support not included)
  • 50.000 SEK
Fast lane to launch

2nd Prize

The runner up will receive products and services that will help you transform your idea to a real working solution, at a value of 75.000 SEK

  • 1/2 day consultancy from Tele2 IoT on business development & tech
  • 1 year free usage 500 devices in our LPWA Network
  • 5 SIMs from Tele2 IoT with 20 MB usage for 1 year
  • LoRa indoor Station from Kerlink enabling a standalone LoRa/LPWA network, at a value of 14.000 SEK (support not included)
  • 25.000 SEK
Make it Happen

3rd Prize

The second runner up receives products and services that will help you transform your idea to a real working solution, at a value of 30.000 SEK

  • 1 year free usage 100 devices in our LPWA Network
  • 3 SIMs from Tele2 IoT with 20 MB usage for 1 year
  • LoRa indoor Station from Kerlink enabling a standalone LoRa/LPWA network, at a value of 14.000 SEK (support not included)
  • 15.000 SEK
Rise to the top

Smartest Startup Potential

You win for having the best startup potential showing the best usage of cognitive IOT and Tele2’s LWPAN Network, at a value of 8000 SEK

  • The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program
  • Credits to IBM Bluemix platform and all that it contains including the Watson IOT platform
  • 8.000 SEK

All you need to know

What use cases are the LoRa network optimized for?

Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), such as LoRa, is optimized network for massive deployment of battery driven, low throughput sensors and “things”. Typical use cases are

  • Measurements collection from sensors
  • Status supervision of things
  • High latency / non-critical control of things
  • Tracking / positioning of things

The communication is typically “Device-centric”, i.e. the device transmits information or polls server information triggered by device events or timers. Typical user data is up to 40 bytes per message and 1-144 messages per day.

What are the technical prerequisites to be able to develop a solution for the Tele2 IoT Challenge?

To be able to develop a solution for the competition, you need the following components:

  • An account in the Tele2 LoRa portal. In this portal you configure your application, provision the LoRa devices and define to which PubNub channels your LoRa devices will send their data.
  • An account in the PubNub Data Stream Network. In this portal you configure your PubNub channels for data communication and control access to them.
  • A LoRa device configured with your unique LoRa application credentials as found in the Tele2 LoRa portal described above.

How do I set up my LoRa environment?

Next step is to add your first application; this is done under Application by pressing the + sign.

  • Generate a unique Application EUI, i.e. the application ID, by pressing “Generate an Application EUI”.
  • Define a name that describes the application (no space character allowed)
  • Add your user name as application owner
  • Press “Add Application”

Your first application is now created!

How do I register my LoRa device in the network?

There are two different methods to register and activate your LoRa devices, Over-the-Air (OTA) and Personalized (ABP). For massive deployment and high security application OTA is recommended, since the security keys can be periodically updated.

Go to Application, click on your application in the list.

Go to the Over-the-Air Devices tab and press the + to add a device.

The DevEUI is written on the Microchip development board, and the application key is defined in the device code.

How do I connect my LoRa application with my PubNub account?

Go to Application, click on your application in the list. Select the Customer Servers tab and press + to define a server connection.

Select Protocol Type as PubNub

Define a Customer Server Name and copy the following from your PubNub account, for setting up PubNub see sections below:

  • PubNub Publish Key
  • PubNub Suscribe Key
  • PubNub Egress Channel Name
  • PubNub Ingress Channel Name

How to set up a BlueMix Account (IBM Watson IoT Platform)

How To Register Devices in the IBM IoT platform

Once accepted as a participant in the competition, how do I get my LoRa development kit?

Shortly after your challenge has been accepted your will receive an email with instructions and log-in information to be able to access the LoRa network and your PubNub account. At the Kick-off on February 8 we will hand out the development kits. If you can’t make it, your kit will be sent to the address you registered with.

How do I get started with the LoRa development kit?

The LoRa Development kit from Microchip supports Arduino. Download the Arduino IDE from

Download example code at

Additional get started information will be provided together with the development kit.

Why do I need a PubNub account?

The PubNub Data Stream Network offers low-latency secure messaging on every device, at massive scale. For the Tele2 IoT Challenge, PubNub is the chosen delivery mechanism for bi-directional communication with your LORA-devices. More information about PubNub can be found here:

PubNub offers 70+ SDK:s as well as a full REST API making further integration simple, regardless of which programming language or service you utilize to construct your solution.

Additional details about PubNub’s SDK:s and API:s can be found here:

Are there any costs associated with having a PubNub account?

Running development workloads on PubNub is free. You can use all features of PubNub for free forever for up to 100 devices and up to 1 million messages per month. Standard support is included.

Additional details about PubNub’s pricing schemes can be found here:

How do I register a PubNub account?

  • Go to
  • On the starting page banner there is a button clearly marked “Get Started Now”. Click that button to continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register an account.
  • Once registered and logged in, you will immediately find additional links to documentation, tutorials and SDK downloads. If you‘re new to PubNub, watching their 5-minute video tutorial available on the login page is a good idea. The tutorial is also available here:

How do I configure data delivery from my LoRa-device to my PubNub account?

PubNub uses the concepts of Apps, keysets and Channels to partition and control access to data. To test out your idea for the competition, you need at least one App and one Keyset. These can easily be created and updated once logged into your PubNub account.

On initial login, you will already have a default App named “Demo Project” as shown below.


By clicking the “Demo Project”, you can rename it and administer its Keysets. You can also choose to create a brand new App if you prefer. All Apps are created with a default Keyset named “Demo Keyset” as shown below. You can choose to use this Keyset or create additional ones by clicking “CREATE NEW KEYSET”.


In the picture above you can see the Publish and Subscribe keys for your Keysets. These keys must be configured in the Tele2 LoRa Portal to allow your LoRa devices to read and write data using this Keyset. The Tele2 LoRa Portal will also require a channel name to use for the communication. This name can be anything you choose, but it is often a good idea to choose something that logically relates to your intended solution.

Once you have created your App and Keyset, please login into the Tele2 LoRa Portal.

How do I deliver my data to other 3rd party services or Infrastructure providers?

To create your envisioned solution for the competition, you can of course use any technical infrastructure you need and prefer. To transport data from your PubNub channels to your infrastructure of choice, please use the REST API or one the 70+ available SDK:s.

Additional details about PubNub’s SDK:s and API:s can be found here:

How can I see if data sent from my LoRa device is reaching PubNub?

In the PubNub portal you can easily debug your configured Channels. To see if your device data is reaching its intended channel, start by clicking the Keyset that you configured in the Tele2 LoRa Portal. After you’ve clicked on the relevant Keyset, just choose “DEBUG CONSOLE” in the left pane as shown below:


This will open a new dialog (depicted below to the left) where you can choose which Channel to debug. Simple replace “MY_CREATIVE_CHANNEL_NAME” with the Channel name you configured in the Tele2 LoRa Portal. Once you click “ADD CLIENT” you will have a real-time view of any traffic on the channel (depicted below to the right). For bi-directional communication you can also publish to the channel to reach your LoRa device.


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