“With great LORA comes great responsibility”

Help us out!

Now why did we just do a word play on the famous Marvel quote? Is it because we think D.C. Comics fucked up the Batman vs Superman movie? Is it because we are from Gothenburg? Either way, we need help! 

The new LORA network is apparently da shit. A new kind of low power network that that offers two-way communication AND it’s secure? Sign us up please! And we hope that you will join us exploring what this actually mean for us in terms of data, insights and added value for our customers. 

Or, at least you can maybe explain to us why someone can even entertain the thought that Batman would win in a fight against Superman?!? Beside our interest in super heroes we just happen to be in shipping, property and recycling.

Let’s see what we can do together, sign up for our workshop on the kick-off 

Stena Group

Stena AB’s subsidiaries are engaged in ferry operations, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance and new business. Stena Line is an important part of Northern Europe’s business and logistics system. Stena Line currently operates 20 ferry routes, served by about 35 vessels, and also owns five ports. The company provides efficient and environmentally friendly transportation 24 hours a day, all year round.

In shipping, Stena Bulk controls about 115 tankers and gas carriers. These vessels transport crude oil, petroleum, LNG, vegetable oils and light chemicals all over the world. Most have dedicated crews from Stena’s manning company Northern Marine Group. Stena RoRo operates about 20 vessels which also contribute to flexible and fuel-efficient transportation. Many of the RoRo vessels have been converted to create customised cargo solutions for each cargo owner. This requires responsiveness to the customer and technical innovation, which is provided with the help of Stena Teknik.

Stena Drilling engages in offshore drilling. The fleet of high-tech rigs and drillships carries out oil exploration in all types of water depths. The operations are characterised by care through continuous safety work with regard to both personnel and the environment.

Stena Fastigheter (Realestate) builds and manages residential and commercial properties with a long-term focus. The company, one of Sweden’s largest private property owners, has the goal of always being the tenant’s first choice.

Stena’s investment company Stena Adactum makes long-term investments in companies with good profitability and growth potential. New activities in several areas are built and developed through active ownership.


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