Tele2 IoT Challenge

The jury

Managing Director, Tele2 IoT

Ingrid Wistrand

Have been working with IoT since: Telecom since 1996, IoT focus since 2012.

Why LPWA is exciting: It is a new group of technologies that addresses opportunities that were not possible to realise before.

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: I am looking forward to see lots of exciting innovation coming out of the competition.

Managing Director, Tele2 IoT

Rami Avidan

Have been working with IoT since: 2002.

Why LPWA is exciting: Opens up a whole new world of opportunities not only for businesses but for society as a whole.

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: It will allow us all to learn how these new technologies can ignite new business models and new solutions that will be part of transforming the world we live in to a better place.

CTO, Tele2 IoT

Stephen Bryant

Have been working with IoT since: 2008, building IoT platforms and connecting the world’s most exciting brands.

Why LPWA is exciting: LPWA technologies are a key enabled for industry, agricultural and smart city applications and I am super excited to see what brilliant solutions emerge from this!

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: Gothenburg is a great city for innovation and a perfect place for this event, putting the spotlight on LPWA and the types of solutions possible with this technology. 

Managing Director, Talkpool

Robert Spertina

Have been working with IoT since: 2009 and LPWA technologies specifically since 2014.

Why LPWA is exciting: Finally we have technologies that can enable billions of connections from an economical point of view

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: Gothenburg is my hometown and I’m proud to see Gothenburg take the LPWA lead in Sweden!

Sales Representative Network Operators, Kerlink

Aurélien Seugnet

Have been working with IoT since: As I have been working in the telecommunication area for more than 15 years, I can say that I am in it since then! I have seen wired/fiber connections, xG, M2M and now SIM less new models and technology to address IoT needs.

Why LPWA is exciting: LPWA is exciting because it opens the world to a multitude of new use cases and models not relevant in a business and/or technical point of view before. 

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: Because it makes things happen – for real – with a real and concrete accelerator to the future.

CTO, PubNub Data Stream Network

Stephen Blum

Stephen Blum co-founded PubNub, Inc., in 2010 and serves as its CTO. Mr. Blum’s vision and strong technical chops drove the initial architecture of PubNub, building a core engine that has successfully scaled to the some of the largest real-time deployments in the world. He has been a successful software entrepreneur his whole life, starting his first company, LTSun, at the age of 17, and joining Microsoft after its acquisition.

LoRa Product Line Manager, Microchip

Jon Pearce

Have been working with IoT since: … it was called M2M, connecting things using GSM modems

Why LPWA is exciting: A wide area network for low power applications is opening up a wealth of new options to connect things that couldn’t viably be connected before. It will enable more of the world around us to connect with our digital lives!

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: LoRa Technology is a proven technology for LPWAN. It’s now exciting to see that Sweden is getting on track as well with help of Tele2 IoT.

Senior Diretor, Giesecke & Devrient

Dr. Stephan Spitz

Have been working with IoT since: Before the thing was called IoT

Why LPWA is exciting: It lowers the entrance barrier for connectivity cost and technology. I see many applications will be enabled by LPWA IoT, because of its unique features such as long range, deep indoor penetration and low price point.

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge is exciting: It offers a unique platform for leveraging this exciting new technology & brings the important aspect of vertical integration.

Business Development, IBM

Richard Savage

Have been working with IoT since: 2005

Why LPWA is exciting: Low Power adhoc solutions are a very exciting new way of planning wireless access for the future. The fact that low power always penetrates into difficult to access areas such as inside a large building full of essential things such as Walls and Iron beams then just being able to get the data out of lets face it a rather normal situation and get it to the Cloud is a very essential need an requirement of any IOT solution!

Low Power is also interesting as it is within itself the first hesitant steps towards a a 5G solution where adhoc local solutions will inherently be a part of a larger more macro built solution. Without this essential step then 5G will only remain a dream, the Low Power Network that is being put into place in Gothenburg is an essential step in the right direction.

Why Tele2 IoT Challenge LPWA is exciting: Why I think Tele2 IoT Challenge LPWA is exciting: It’s simple! If you build it then it will be used! So being able to show case the power of LPWA in a real network is very exciting and we at IBM are very excited to see the solutions that are created from such a real life scenario.

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