Solution description

Tele 2 IoT Challenge LPWA

To be able to evaluate your solution idea we ask you to include answers to all the questions below and submit together with your short video before March 17, 2017.

Name of your solution?

Please use same name you registered with.

Email to main contact person

Please use same email you registered with.

Problem solved?

What problem is your solution solving?

Target group?

Who are your customers, end-users?

Customer value?

How will your solution challenge the status quo? How will it improve people’s lives and companies’ reason for being? What is the customer value? What is the end-user delight?


How does your solution benefit from being connected to a LPWA network?

Ideas around business model?

What type of business model do think will work? What is the growth potential? We are not after crunching numbers, we just want to get an understanding of the real potential of your solution.


How new and different is your solution? Does anything like it already exist? If so, that’s fine, but what makes your idea unique?


How realistic is your idea? Is it feasible to produce and implement with the technology we have today?

Technology used?

Please give us an overview of the technology used in your solution and how it can be connected to a LPWA network (platforms and devices used etc.)

Please upload your solution description and short video here before March 17.

Download template as PDF here

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